File Data Exporter


I was having issues finding a decent tool to give me a list of all the files in my TV Series Directory, whilst I was able to find out I thought of something might be a good\helpful feature for SONARR.

Feature Suggestion
The ability to export a list of episode data to a either a txt, csv, xlsx, etc file.
Ideally this data would include:

  • File Name
  • Size
  • Location

If possible additional data for export:

  • Height\Width\DPI
  • Frame Rate
  • File Type
  • Length

As always, love the product :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s an entire api for that, which gives you json data.

the API exists which has all that or you can also just view the database with any sqllite viewer

@Thirrian and @bakerboy448,

Thanks for the idea of using the API or grabbing information directly from the database, I didn’t even think of either of these when I submitted this. I will have a play with these. I would still love to see an export option in the Web GUI as I think it would assist users who haven’t got the skills\knowledge to do either of the above suggested options.

Thanks again!

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