Feature Request: Change Release Sorting if Propers Are Disabled


Hi all - I’d like to make a request for how propers are handled, as I think that thanks to the new preferred tags this is no longer required.

The scenario I’ve just found is that an old season of a show was released by one of my preferred groups (with a score of +10). However, for about half of those episodes, a different group had released propers, meaning that those propers were ranked higher than my preferred group, despite having a score of 0. This is an invisible setting as far as I can tell in Sonarr, and you cannot tell the software to ignore these (short of blacklisting the specific releases).

So, I thought the best solution would be to add ‘repack’ and ‘proper’ to my preferred tags with a score of +5 and turn off auto grabbing of propers. This way, if my preferred group (+10) releases a proper, the score will be +15 and get upgraded, but if another group releases one, the score will be +5 and ignored.

This seems like it would fix a problem which has been reported a lot over the years (tying release group to propers), and all that would be required would be to stop ranking propers higher than normal releases if you untick the box to ignore propers.


Sonarr version (exact version) :
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows) :
OS : Ubuntu 18.04


\Not sure what you’re referring to. The only one I can think of is a repack for a different release group being grabbed because Sonarr doesn’t only upgrade repacks for the same release group, but that’s different then what you’re asking here.

You’re not ignoring propers there, you’re just telling Sonarr to not upgrade to them.

Internally repacks and propers are treated the same way, since they are the same thing with different meanings.

No plans to change how propers are weighted.


But what I’m asking for here would fix that problem. Look at this example:

I have NTG as a preferred group and set as +13. I also have both ‘proper’ and ‘repack’ set to +5. If there was a repack of an NTG release, it would be preferred with a score of +18, but a proper from a group I don’t care about only has +5. If this was ranked by preferred score, instead of ranking the proper higher for no reason, I would get the whole season from one release group rather than a mix of the two. Would it not make more sense to use the (amazing) functionality you have built for preferred words rather than enforcing that propers and repacks are higher quality, when that often isn’t the case?


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