Feature Request - Add Series button (+) to the home page

It would be really handy to have the ‘Add Series’ (+) button added to the home page, in the same way the there is one for add movies on the Radarr home page.


Maybe i am not understanding you but it already is? When you are on the series page it is literally right under that on the left. Possibly an older version you are using doesn’t have it there?

That’s right, you didn’t understand me.

The browser version (ie in chrome) looks nothing like your screen dump you pasted.

If you look at Radarr the ‘add new’ is part of the navigation ‘frame’ which is permanently displayed on the page.

So I meant it would be nice to have the ‘Add Series’ as part of the navigation frame, so no matter what page in Sonarr you are in, you are just one click (and one page) away from adding a new series, as it stands you have to load the ‘series’ page, then click on ‘Add Series’

you are looking at sonarr v2. the screenshot above is sonar v3. i.e. it’s already there.

Yes, as thetoad mentioned you are on V2. Perhaps upgrade to V3 and your request will be instantly added for you! :slight_smile:

Edit: Guess i understood you after all lol

Thanks for the heads up. I suppose my copy didn’t auto update to the v3 beta. Does anyone know when the (windows) production release is due?

Nor will it, v2 -> v3 will be a manual upgrade.


Markus101 thanks for the update. Will v2 automatically alert when the v3 upgrade becomes available or will I need to check the website regularly?

There will likely be something added to the UI as a final update to it.

Thanks for the info