Failed to transfer from RapidSeedbox

I have a seedbox at RapidSeedbox running ruTorrent/rtorrent. I have Sonarr installed and mostly running on my Windows PC. I add a show and it causes my SeedBox to download the episode. But when it tries to copy to my Windows PC I get the error:

  • [/home/user/Downloads/The.Simpsons.S34E01.1080p.WEB.H264-CAKES[rarbg]] is not a valid local path. You may need a Remote Path Mapping.
    I don’t understand if “Local Path” means the local path on the seedbox or on my Windows system. I tried adding the mapping but I’m confused and probably got it wrong. I in Edit Remote Path Mapping" I set the Remote Path to /home/user/downloads/ and local path to D:\Sonarr. Both exist so I’m sure I’m just not understanding the concepts. Can you help me?

The more I read, the more it seems like this mapping is designed for two systems on the the same LAN. That is not the case as my seedbox is only accessible through the Internet. How do I configure that?

You’d need to either mount the remote seedbox locally (sshfs is a linux option for this) or sync the files and then transfer to a local folder (so partial files aren’t imported). There may be guides that have recommendations for such a setup, but I’m not familiar with them.