Export series list help


I have been doing some reading over the past week or so. Trying to find an easy way to export my series list
I have read it can be done via the API but I don’t understand how is there an easy way I am overlooking

What I am trying to do is maybe export then find a way to convert to .json file … don’t know how easy this is to accomplish


Make a get request to the api/series endpoint with your api key. The response is json already :slight_smile:

Check out the wiki on github for more info.


I just tried

and I get {“error”: “Unauthorized”}

What am i doing wrong Whats the correct string?



i dont use the api but i would presume the key is a uri parameter, not part of the path

see https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/wiki/API


ah I see yours has a /series? mine is just /series

Thanks so much