Existing episode marked as missing


Sonarr Ver.
Windows 10
Debug logs: https://pastebin.com/gm54Naw6

Sonarr doesn’t recognize existing episodes who’s episode number follow SSEE format eg 1501 or SEE eg 101. So it marks existing episodes as missing. Is there any way of customizing Sonarr setting to recognize this format as my entire library and archives follow this naming convention?


I don’t see any scanning of an existing series folder, rescan a series and post the relevant logs.


Sorry about that, hope this is better.




18-7-12 07:04:04.9|Debug|DiskScanService|Series folder doesn't exist: W:\24 Hours in Police Custody\24 Hours in Police Custody

Looks like your root folder is set wrong, it should be W:\ by the looks of it.


Thanks for your reply.

2 stupid questions:

How do you set the root drive? (is it by using the import existing)
And can you have more than 1 root folder as I have multiple?


You can set root path(s) when you add new shows:
From the dialog box that opens you can add as many as you like. It’s also here that you can remove root paths with the red x behind each path.

Be aware to use e.g. X:\Series\ as a root path, and not X:\Series\Name of Show\
A typical setup has only one root path, under which all series live. But if for some reason you want to split series across multiple drives or even folders, go for it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the help. I have multiple root paths as I have multiple drives.


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