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Hi all.
Why doesn’t it grab new episodes of the series, the torrent is updated by adding new episodes to it. Thank you.

Sonarr will only grab releases that are valid upgrades (quality and custom formats) for all episodes, it won’t grab a season pack for only some of the episodes to be upgraded.

The distribution of the series is updated by adding new episodes to the torrent file (to get the series, you need to rehash the torrent and it downloads the missing episodes). For example, we invested a torrent with 1 episode and new ones are added to it as they are released. At the moment they added episode 6 to it, I only have 5 on the disk, why can’t it grab episode 6?

Grab or import? Sonarr won’t grab for the reasons I mentioned. Sonarr won’t import because that download is already considered imported, unless Sonarr sees it as a new download to import it effectively ignores it from the time it was imported (save for seeding limits and removal with that).

It turns out that Sonar captures new episodes only if they are posted in 1 file on torrents? That is, he will not capture a new series within 1 distribution? Do I understand correctly? How can I fix this? In my country, they don’t post episodes separately, only entire seasons, and then this distribution is updated as new episodes are released.
And if this is so, can sonar delete the current series from the disk and download it again with a new series?

You’ll have to manually download and import, or use an alternative (non-Russian?) indexer.

In this case, the use of this software loses its meaning. It is strange and extremely disappointing that such an opportunity has not yet been realized. It is not possible to use other indexers, since in my language series are posted by adding episodes, and not each episode separately. I thought this functionality had been implemented a long time ago.

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