Error with Ray Donovan

**Sonarr version - — 27/11/2019

I ask this as part of another post but this needs it’s own place!

I cannot add Ray Donovan. I deleted it as was bringing up the Green thing running off with a router (I think that’s what is is)
And now I get the green thing when trying to re-add.
This is the error below the green thing.

What exactly are you doing when you run into that?

I’m able to add Ray Donovan without issue in that version.

Thanks for the reply.

a couple of weeks ago when ever I tried to open RD in Sonarr I got the Green thingo.

So I deleted RD from Sonarr. (And moved the folder)
THen did a search for RD and when found tried to add again and received the error as above.

Now RD is in Sonarr showing as Grey - unmonitored - and still cannot get past the green frog/pig/rat/wombat/gerbil ?

I experienced the same. To use a quick shortcut, I restored a backup of before the issue appeared.

  • put the files that you moved back to the correct folder name as it was when working ok
  • define a waste basket folder path
  • add another series first and check if that updates without issues
  • add the RD series again
  • perform a manual import on the RD files that are in your waste basket folder

Now it should run fine. If not, reinstall Sonarr (and get a fresh database).

Don’t forget that it is all database driven. As soon as any path is missing, and depending on the programming of this, you can run into these kind of issues. No offense to the programmer of Sonarr, I really love it!
If you want to move files/folders, first remove the series including a ‘Delete Files’ so that database gets in sync with the action(s) that you do. You still have them in your Waste Basket folder from which you always can import them manually.

Btw: the most recent version of Sonarr is Version
Mono Version:
Where did you download your **Sonarr version - — 27/11/2019 from???

Btw: the most recent version of Sonarr is Version – Incorrect is the most recent (pushed).

Settings > General > Updates > Branch > phantom-develop

Advanced needs to be on to see this.

Thanks for the reply.
I do not have a back up old enough to fix this issue ( its been 2-3 weeks)
Have removed the whole RD folder several times with reboots and restarts.
When removed it is still there with grey banner.
I have a recycle bin set up…
Installed from QNap _ This is running on a QNAP NAS
Have “manually” put RD folder back… -as no other option

How do I get a fresh Database - Does that mean everything is gone and starting from scratch?: did not fix my issue

@ustin, I didn’t know that, sorry for the confusion I caused.
Is the phantom-develop branch the actual programmer or are we talking about beta’s by other persons?
Can you tell why the non-branch option is containing currently v.

For me the removal of the program did the trick (but I used an older version last year).
Perhaps a development team member can tell us how to do a clean reinstall (and make it a sticky for this forum). Thanks!

Markus handles downstream pushes to the phantom branch, think of it as a beta branch. No “users” can simply push to that branch, i would bet he has that as a read only for people other than himself to ensure no rogue code is pushed to users.

How do I get a fresh Database - Does that mean everything is gone and starting from scratch?:

Yes, a fresh DB would mean everything is gone.

Given the error it’s not clear what could be wrong, is there any error in the debug logs?
Are all the settings filled out when you try to add the series?
If you can open developer tools in your browser you might be able to get more information for us that can help us suggest a workaround or fix the issue if it’s an issue with the UI.

I turned on debug and looked in the debug logs after getting the green rodent error page. Searched and found now reference to Ray Donovan.

If i “add new” and search for Ray Donovan , I get the correct name and the green tick saying I have it.

I then click the name and back to the Green rodent and error…

Also in the Calendar Ray Donovan has the grey mark meaning unmonitored.
AND i just noticed clicking Mass Editor brings up the green guy
TypeError:s is underfined
Plus more that cannot be seen as I cannot scroll down…
I went into Season Pass and managed to change Ray Donovan to monitored so the marker is now red. But on clicking still get the green guy error.

Getting a full stack trace from the UI is the only thing that will tell us what’s failing here, which will requiring opening the Developer Tools (F12 in Chrome on Windows or Linux), then reproducing the error.

Which browser are you using?
Do you see this error in another browser?

Alternatively to just try to workaround the issue, if you go to the series list then edit Ray Donovan and remove it (don’t remove the files), are you able to re-add it?

What do I do with the ‘full stack trace’

I have tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge and all gt the same error !

I cannot do the workaround as cannot get to Ray Donovan without seeing the Green Error. I try calendar and RD brings error.
Series i cannot get to RD without the error ( in every view)

It looks like a re-install - how do i keep all my settings?

This doesn’t work? Edit = click the small wrench icon for that series in the list.

I have tried 20x to scroll down to RD. I cannot get to RD before the green error pops up
I goto R and also get green error.

Take a screenshot/copy paste it to a log site and post it here.

In this case you may not be able to if the DB is the issue you need to start from scratch as settings and series are in there, though that may not be necessary if we can figure out the issue.

If you can backup your DB and PM me a copy I can try to see if I can fix whatever the issue is (assuming it’s DB related). It does have all your settings so if you want to please make sure you PM it to me.

Thanks Markus but I gave up and started again.

I have a copy of the settings on another setup of Sonarr on another NAS so just a lot of copy and pasting.

ATM looks like Ray is back

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