Error Parsing Column when i try to open sonarr

**Sonarr version **:
OS: Synology
Debug logs: Error parsing column 10 (Images=[ { “coverType”: “banner”, “remoteUrl”: “” }, { “coverType”: “poster”, “remoteUrl”: “” }, { “coverType”: “fanart”, “remoteUrl”: “” }, { “coverType”: “clearlogo”, “remoteUrl”: “” } ] - String)
Description of issue: Hello Guys please help me, my sonarr get error then i uninstalled ( keep data ) and install again using synology comunity downloader.
when i install it again and try to open, i got the error message, i dont know what to do. please help me :frowning:

@Handy_Kurniawan_P_W, the problem you’re facing stems from database migrations in earlier software versions. Unfortunately, these migrations are not incorporated into the current SynoCommunity package during a fresh installation.

An updated version (20231129-3) has been released and is expected to be accessible within the next 24-48 hours as the caching servers synchronize. For those eager to get it sooner, a manual download option may be available a few hours ahead of schedule at SynoCommunity.

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