Episode tagged as Missing while existing

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): -
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs: Component: RefreshSeriesService = "Series ‘Joko & Klaas gegen ProSieben’ (tvdbid 363095) was not found, it may have been removed from TheTVDB. "
Description of issue:
I’ve all Episodes of the aforementioned Show but the last 2 avaiable Episodes are Tagged as “Episode Missing”

“(tvdbid 363095) was not found” => if i click on tvbd on the sonarr page of the show
im getting redirected to https://www.thetvdb.com/series/jkvsp7 where i can see the tvbdid of the show and it is exactly 363095 so it should have been found?
So it looks like Sonarr maps the Show to the Right tvdbid but it still didnt recognize all episodes i’ve got on my drive?
The not located episodes are in the same folder as the other episodes of that season that where detected
all with the same naming schema

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