Episode renaming, Resolution only instead of Qual/Res

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Is it possible to only have the resolution show at the end of a file name instead of the whole Quality/Resolution, ie The Series Title! - S01E01 - Episode Title (1) - 720p instead of The Series Title! - S01E01 - Episode Title (1) - HDTV-720p.

I require this as I have multiple resolutions of the same episodes in the same folders on my plex server so that it dose not have to transcode the files for my remote users.

Sure, you do that in Quality settings, but the source is an important piece of information. If the source is missing and Sonarr has to parse the file name to figure out what it is then it will assume it’s the lowest quality within that resolution, so 1080p would be HDTV 1080p even if it’s actually Bluray.

If Sonarr sees all these files you’re going to have a bad time if it sees a higher quality file than you expect it to during a refresh.

You should use separate folders for separate qualities and add multiple folders in Plex’s library to have multiple qualities in one library.

Ah ok. Thanks for the explanation. Looks like I will be spending the weekend redoing the layout of my media library.

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