Episode Naming: {Series TitleYear}

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Mono Version:

In ‘Standard Episode Format’ and ‘Series Folder Format’ I have {Series TitleYear}

When Sonarr created the Series Folder for Ted Lasso (TVDB ID: 383203) it correctly named the folder: Ted Lasso (2020)

But in the ‘Standard Episode’ the filename is “Ted Lasso (2013)”

At TVDB under Specials https://www.thetvdb.com/series/ted-lasso/seasons/official/0 I can see that S00E01 is ‘First Aired’ August 3, 2013

Can that be the reason why the episode filename is named with the ‘wrong’ year?

Is that as expected (normal behavior) or is it something that can be fixed in Sonarr?

Yes, if you added it now the folder would be Ted Lasso (2013) because of that.

I think we can improve this to use the first aired non-special episode to correct the issue.

It would be very nice if you can improve the {Series TitleYear} to use the first aired non-special episodes.

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