EPIC FAIL after upgrading to latest version of v3

I opened up my web interface to the notice of an updated version (v3) so I clicked the “update now!” button and… everything crapped out. If I try to manually run Sonarr via

mono --debug /opt/sonarr/Sonarr.exe

I get a huge wall of text about “Could not load file or assembly ‘FluentValidation’…”. (Full logs are here)

I’m running CentOS 7, Sonarr.exe /? says I’m on version, and my mono version is I’m not opposed to reinstalling if need be, but since I’m on CentOS I can’t just run the handy dpkg remove/reinstall commands and I’m not familiar enough with the file structure to salvage my existing config.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

If FluentMigrator.dll is missing from the Sonarr bin directory (which looks to be the case) you should be able to grab it from the zip file (linked from sonnar.tv) and just drop that into the bin folder (/opt/sonarr/).

I poked around a bit more last night and it looked like a bunch of the FluentWhatever files were saved to ~/Downloads/bin - almost like they were downloaded but then not moved to the working directory for some reason? I tried copying everything over which only broke it more, so I just grabbed the latest v3 version and re-installed it. It’s working now, but I still don’t know what happened to break it in the first place. :-\