English language only

Sonarr version (exact version): —19 Sep 2023
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Synology
OS: - 19 Sep 2023

I used the previous version of Sonarr on a pc, but just got a new NAS and decided to look at the Deta version of Sonarr. I am unsure how to set English Language only (last few downloads were in German)

I have created a ‘Custom Formats’ by importing this:

  "trash_id": "guide-only",
  "trash_score": "-10000",
  "trash_description": "Language: English Only",
  "name": "Language: Not English",
  "includeCustomFormatWhenRenaming": false,
  "specifications": [
      "name": "Not English Language",
      "implementation": "LanguageSpecification",
      "negate": true,
      "required": false,
      "fields": {
        "value": 1

I have now gone to ‘Quality Profiles’ and see they are listed there with a score of Zero (0) …to get English only, what score should I set this to?

Is there anything else I will need to do in ‘Settings’ or ‘System’ to get English only?

Thank you

Hoping for a good answer I’ve had this problem with anime for a while. It’s like roulette. Sometimes I get English subs sometimes French…. I have a suppose English only profile set up, and I use tags on the anime…

Bumping for the hope of this too.

I have an English language profile set that I have never had issues with…

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