English download but will not upgrade when a sub comes around

Version on windows 2012r2

Am a little lost here, been reading alot of post but do not get the answer i need so here goes.
DL is fine when its english but i do also want to get rls with subs so ill list my setup and hope i have made an error somewhere.


in Quality Profile i have 1080p and 720p with a cutoff at WEB on both

in Language Profile i have English as cutoff and also danish, swedish and norwegian (This language are only the spoken one right?)

In Release Profile i have only made one with:

Must Contain: x264, 720p, 1080p, h.264, h264, x.264
Must not contain: SD

nordic : 3
retail.nordic : 4
dksub : 2
dksubs : 2
retail : 2
custom : 2

Tags: dksub, dksubs, retail, nordic, custom

now lets take an example, there are a rls with out subs in, this one dl fine no problem, half a day later there are a new rls with dksubs, this rls are not dl

i belive its becoz the first rls that dl are a web-dl and the new with the subs are also a web-dl so it wont upgrade coz the cutoff are met right?

As i understand then quality always win over the preferred.

If so how can this be achived?

Thanks in advance

Doing an interactive search after the releases are available will tell you why they’ve been rejected as will debug logs. Without at least debug logs of an RSS Sync/Search including a release you expected Sonarr to grab we’d just be guessing at what the issue could be.

On thing to keep in mind is the quality of the release matters. Sonarr won’t downgrade the quality to upgrade the language or preferred words.

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