Enable Failed download handling for torrents

Sonarr handled failed downloads for newsgroups well, however it’s not implemented for torrents.

I often have results for a file with lots of different torrents. Even after setting the min seeds.
Mostly a few work, but many are not complete and stall during download.

This means I need to manually go into Sonarr and tag them as blacklist and research. For some file this could be 20+ times before it finds one it can completely download in reasonable time.


What I tried:
I understand torrents could come online at later times, but for me if a torrent hasn’t been seen complete ever after 1 hours or so, it’s usually never ending.

I have been trying:
Wrote a script in deluge to identify these torrents and remove them.
Sonarr notices the torrent is removed (removed it from queue), but doesn’t add it to the black-list nor takes the next one from the list (like with nzb’s)
I also wrote a small test script so when the torrentclient deletes it, a signal gets triggered to sonarr to re-search. This works, however:

  1. Sonarr usually picks up the same torrent (as it wasn’t blacklisted)
  2. Ideally a new search wouldn’t be needed, as search results from the previous one were available.

To overcome this manual work (and scripts), would it be an idea to have an option that states: ‘When torrents are removed from the client and Sonarr can’t find them’ put them on a blacklist and research for the next option?

Not a sonarr dev, but
1: You can just script the blacklisting of that torrent as well? Anything you can do in the GUI of sonarr you can do in api calls. I just execute the action I want to script in the gui, and then just watch which calls the gui makes to the backend in the browser developer console.
2: Why wouldn’t you want a new search? Maybe meanwhile a new, better release is available? In an hour, especially when it just aired, a lot can happen.

Hi. Yeah scripting is technically possible, but not easy. Torrent client and sonarr run in their own dockers and there is no standard script. Im trying to build it snd when.done will share.
On 2. New search. Would be fine to have a new search. Also fine to try existing torrent lisrist first as that takes pressure of the torrent sites.

Having an option in.radarr to blacklist cancelled torrents would make this a lot easier

No plans to add this. Please see GitHub for previous discussions.

Namely issues around causing hit and runs

There is no concept for a Torrent to be failed

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