Easy access to open a downloaded video via Calendar interface

Is there any way to add a link to open a download video via the Calendar interface? When I sit down to watch whatever I download that day in the evening, I open up the calendar to see what aired on that day, what’s available for me to watch. Currently I’ll then need to manually go to my NAS and due jump thru a few folders to find the right file.

My suggestion is if the Path (see screenshot below) can be made into a hyperlink. I gave it a try, opening that path in Firefox will show a download prompt, and I can just set it to watch in VLC, and the video will just in VLC or whatever media player the user has.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.

Presumably because for a lot of the use cases the hyperlink will result in an error, since you can access the web interface from outside the local network and therefore the path will be invalid. I suppose it could be made a switchable setting, so for those where it would work, it could be enabled upon request.

Probably better solution would be to set yourself up with one of the common media management suites like Kodi/Plex/Emby etc. This can be done locally, and can be setup to sort by recently added etc.

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Fanboy covered it

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