Duplicate files,one original and other renamed
Synology Nas

Been running sonarr without issue for few months but now suddenly i have the tv shows in two places. I’m using download station and nothing has changed there but now get the below example:

Imported To
/volume1/video/TV/Law & Order- Organized Crime/Law & Order - Organized Crime - S02E05 - The Good, the Bad and the Lovely WEBDL-1080p.mkv

so it renames and drops in folder in my tv shows but leaves the original in movies folder?

Why are you downloading into /volume1/video/Movies … hopefully you’re not using Radarr then

Download clients should never place or move downloads into library folders ever.

Your duplicate file issue is covered on the FAQ - this is how torrents work

sounds like your downloadstation config got borked. you may want to go through it and recheck that everything is set correctly. especially the downloads folder.

if the original file is still there then check the download client entry in sonarr - make sure remove completed is enabled.

if it is then check the seeding time in downloadstation as it wont remove it until after that has expired

I have exactly the same problem. Sonarr finds the file, downloads to the folder
/ share / Movie
then copies the file to the folder
/ share / TV series
removes the torrent from qBittorrent, but does not remove the file from the folder
/ share / Movie

you mean your download client is configured to download to the movie folder, sonarr doesnt tell it where to download to. and dont download to a media path - use a download path that is outside it.

the download client tells sonarr where the file is, and sonarr imports it from there to its media folder

as far as i recall sonarr doesnt clean up the download job folder. sonarr just tells the download client to remove the job - its up to the download client as to what happens when a job is removed.

this is also why you never download to the media path - a download job cleanup can take out an entire season or series folder, or even the entire library. check if your download client has any cleanup options.

if im wrong and sonarr does clean up then i doubt its going to remove a folder that is under the media root path during an import - more than likely it will spit out that error about not downloading to a root path

Sonarr does not clean it up; it asks the download client to

You’re right