Downloads show up in manual search but never start automatically

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OS: Synology DSM 7
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I’m running Sonarr on my Synology, and just about everything seems set up correctly, but downloads don’t start automatically. I have it connected successfully to several torznab indexers from jackett, but scheduled searches never result in a download starting. If I search manually, the show I’m expecting to see does show up, and it will download and process successfully if I do that. The thing I’m expecting to see is the latest episode of Jeopardy, which, according to Jackett and TPB, was available six hours ago (it downloaded after I did a manual search at 20:16).

I don’t know how to read the logs myself. It seems like it processes everything it sees in the RSS feed (which is what the docs describe), but nothing from search.

I must have something set wrong, but I can’t tell what it is. I’m happy to provide additional details. Thanks!

manual searches ask the indexer for everything matching that series id, an automated search only checks the RSS feeds it collects - so make sure you have that option enabled for the indexers you want sonarr to automatically download from. (yes, you can turn them off)

your log link isnt working - Error, this is a private paste or is pending moderation. If this paste belongs to you, please login to Pastebin to view it.

make sure you have logging set to debug, there should be several debug log files, not just one.

Sorry about the log link, pastebin was being difficult due to all the porn from the trackers. Here’s a zip of all the logs:

I’ve had debug turned on for a bit now, so there’s plenty there. I do also have that option checked for each of my indexers.


could you name one (or more) of the series and ep# that should have been downloaded so we can look for those?

the logs look normal, or at least the same as mine, so its hard to tell what the issue is. its processing the rss feeds ok but everything is mostly being rejected for these two reasons;

21-2-11 09:14:46.5|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Unknown Series


21-2-11 09:45:53.2|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] 9-1-1 matches an alias for series with TVDB ID: 337907

its like you have no series setup except for jeopardy? and it is rejecting jeopardy episodes for valid reasons, eg;

21-2-12 00:28:20.9|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing release 'Jeopardy 2021 02 11 720p HDTV x264 NTb' from 'Lime Torrents'

21-2-12 00:28:21.0|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Existing file meets cutoff: HDTV-720p - English, [Permanent] Existing file on disk is of equal or higher preference: HDTV-720p v1 - English, [Permanent] Episode is not monitored

so im not sure whats going on.

also, just to confirm (it should have shown up in the logs i think) - is the series, season, and episode monitored? ie all the flags are solid, and not hollow.




you may need to enable trace logging if nothing obvious shows up

I’m monitoring a few series, but sonarr is not doing anything with them. I don’t expect some of them to show up, since they’re not airing new episodes at the moment. Jeopardy is a good test, since it’s daily.

The timestamp you quoted was 12:28 a.m., so it makes sense that it’s rejecting that one because I previously downloaded it after a manual search at 8:16 p.m. The problem is that it had been available in the trackers for many hours at that point and it never downloaded.

I’m also monitoring Secrets of Sulphur Springs and I can see that the latest episode is available now (and has been for several hours), but it hasn’t downloaded. Here are updated logs (I’ll also switch to trace logging so I can post them if nothing in this one helps):



You can see it refreshed it at 9:53 and nothing happened even though it is monitored and available (1337x wasn’t added as an indexer in Sonarr at the time, but LimeTorrents was).

Recent log:

21-2-12 09:53:32.2|Info|DiskScanService|Completed scanning disk for Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
21-2-12 09:53:32.2|Info|ExistingMetadataImporter|Found 0 existing metadata files
21-2-12 09:53:32.2|Info|ExistingSubtitleImporter|Found 0 existing subtitle files
21-2-12 09:53:32.4|Info|ExistingOtherExtraImporter|Found 0 existing other extra files
21-2-12 09:53:32.4|Info|ExistingExtraFileService|Found 0 extra files
21-2-12 09:53:32.5|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Updating Secrets of Sulphur Springs
21-2-12 09:53:33.1|Info|RefreshEpisodeService|Starting episode info refresh for: [371327][Secrets of Sulphur Springs]
21-2-12 09:53:33.3|Info|RefreshEpisodeService|Finished episode refresh for series: [371327][Secrets of Sulphur Springs].
21-2-12 09:53:33.3|Info|DiskScanService|Scanning Secrets of Sulphur Springs
21-2-12 09:53:34.2|Info|DiskScanService|Completed scanning disk for Secrets of Sulphur Springs
21-2-12 09:53:34.2|Info|ExistingMetadataImporter|Found 0 existing metadata files
21-2-12 09:53:34.2|Info|ExistingSubtitleImporter|Found 0 existing subtitle files
21-2-12 09:53:34.2|Info|ExistingOtherExtraImporter|Found 0 existing other extra files
21-2-12 09:53:34.2|Info|ExistingExtraFileService|Found 0 extra files
21-2-12 09:53:34.4|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Skipping refresh of series: Seinfeld
21-2-12 09:53:34.4|Info|DiskScanService|Scanning Seinfeld
21-2-12 09:53:42.8|Info|DiskScanService|Completed scanning disk for Seinfeld
21-2-12 09:53:43.1|Info|ExistingMetadataImporter|Found 0 existing metadata files
21-2-12 09:53:43.1|Info|ExistingSubtitleImporter|Found 0 existing subtitle files
21-2-12 09:53:43.1|Info|ExistingOtherExtraImporter|Found 0 existing other extra files
21-2-12 09:53:43.1|Info|ExistingExtraFileService|Found 0 extra files
21-2-12 09:53:43.3|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Updating The Simpsons
21-2-12 09:53:44.0|Info|RefreshEpisodeService|Starting episode info refresh for: [71663][The Simpsons]

apart from the searches you did these are the only rss feed based downloads for this series;

21-2-12 04:57:20.9|Info|RssSyncService|Starting RSS Sync
21-2-12 04:57:21.0|Debug|FetchAndParseRssService|Available indexers 4

21-2-12 04:57:28.3|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing release 'Secrets of Sulphur Springs S01E07 720p DSNY HDTV X264 Solar' from 'Lime Torrents'
21-2-12 04:57:28.5|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release accepted

21-2-12 05:13:00.1|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing release 'Secrets of Sulphur Springs S01E07 720p DSNY HDTV X264 Solar' from 'Lime Torrents'
21-2-12 05:13:00.1|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Recent grab event in history already meets cutoff: HDTV-720p v1

21-2-12 05:28:31.8|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing release 'Secrets of Sulphur Springs S01E07 720p DSNY HDTV X264 Solar' from 'Lime Torrents'
21-2-12 05:28:31.9|Debug|DownloadDecisionMaker|Release rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Recent grab event in history already meets cutoff: HDTV-720p v1

21-2-12 04:57:32.1|Info|DownloadService|Report sent to Transmission. Secrets of Sulphur Springs S01E07 720p DSNY HDTV X264 Solar
21-2-12 04:57:32.4|Info|RssSyncService|RSS Sync Completed. Reports found: 200, Reports grabbed: 1

so it is working, same as with jeopardy. ie if its in the rss feed it is grabbing it. whats most likely happening is that for whatever reason the episodes you want are not in the rss feeds from your indexers

you are missing chunks of time though so you may want to look at lowering the rss feed sync schedule.

21-2-11 00:32:26.1|Warn|Torznab|Indexer The Pirate Bay rss sync didn't cover the period between 2/11/2021 4:29:31 AM and 2/11/2021 4:51:46 AM UTC. Search may be required.
21-2-11 01:04:31.2|Warn|Torznab|Indexer Lime Torrents rss sync didn't cover the period between 2/11/2021 5:09:56 AM and 2/11/2021 5:25:31 AM UTC. Search may be required.

21-2-11 21:18:20.7|Warn|Torznab|Indexer Lime Torrents rss sync didn't cover the period between 2/12/2021 1:30:41 AM and 2/12/2021 1:47:20 AM UTC. Search may be required.
21-2-11 21:33:51.6|Warn|Torznab|Indexer The Pirate Bay rss sync didn't cover the period between 2/12/2021 1:44:58 AM and 2/12/2021 2:00:41 AM UTC. Search may be required.

settings > indexers
enable advanced options
rss sync interval - think about lowering the sync time down (what is it set to now?) so you dont get gaps (presuming it wont cause you issues with those indexers, they may have feed limits)


Thanks — I had the interval at 15 minutes (the default, I think). It won’t let me go lower than 10, so I moved it to that.

I have a couple questions:

  1. Should I set up more indexers? I don’t know what a good amount to have is. I added a bunch more for a total of 12 now.

  2. Is there any way I can adjust the feeds to make them more likely to include the things I want? If the feed contains the 100 most recent items (I think I read that that’s most common), I doubt there’s enough being added that something would be pushed out after 15 minutes. If I do a search or visit the tracker site, I see the episodes. Are there any other tricks I should be aware of?

All that said, the number one thing I want is Jeopardy but it seems rare for trackers to carry current episodes. I have Sling, but they don’t carry the local station that airs it. I could just buy an antenna, but I’d still have to find a solution to DVR it OTA because I’m usually not able to watch when it airs in the evening, and that’s a whole other can of worms.


limit the categories (if you arent already) to only the ones you need

if you need more categories then theres nothing stopping you from creating multiple entries for the same indexer, with different categories in each one

id expect twelve should be plenty but it probably depends on the quality of their data. personally im just using six public trackers but they seem to work ok (in that while there may be gaps i dont seem to ever miss anything) on a 30 minute cycle

Thanks, this is helpful. One last question — is there usually a good way to knowing what category a TV show is listed in. I notice some trackers have multiple things listed as “TV”, usually some much larger number than the standard ones. Can I inspect an episode I’ve downloaded it to see how it was listed? That would help me limit it quite a bit. If they they list the category numbers on their pages, I’m not spotting it. Thanks!

I’ve been checking the feeds manually, and it just seems like Jeopardy is never appearing in them when Sonarr checks.

I checked out the sites where it shows up in searches, and figured out which category they post it in. I put them in the cat query parameter in the Jackett RSS searches, and they actually worked. Now, I did this after the latest episode was posted, so I haven’t had a chance to let Sonarr find it on its own yet, but a manual RSS sync did start the download. Hopefully tomorrow’s episode will happen automatically.

Thanks again!