Downloads have small amount of seeds


Sonarr version (exact version):
Windows 10 x64, 1803, qbittorent as client, port is forwarded
Debug logs:

Description of issue:
My downloads are such slow, when i download the torrents myself from lets say kat then its finished within seconds. But if sonarr download episodes it takes days for a some. I have a bunch of selectors 10 or so. Is this due the free subscription which i use with jacket or am i doing something wrong?


Isn’t there a option in Sonarr where you can set a minimum of seeders ?
With a decent (private) tracker (not those hit & run trackers) it takes me like 2 to max
10 minutes to download a Amazon web-dl release.


There is a “minimum seeders” configuration option, if you go into the indexers’ configuration in sonarr, but this is an advanced setting.
So turn on advanced settings with the slider, then go into the indexers’ details. Now you can set minimum seeders, that should improve speeds I guess.


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