Downloading to a root folder error
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
W10 v21H1
Debug logs:
Download client SABnzbd places downloads in the root folder E:\TVserver\SABdownloads. You should not download to a root folder.

I am trying to figure out how to get rid of this error that I have been getting the last couple versions. Everything seems to be working fine. That folder doesn’t seem to be a “root” folder to me, my thought is that would be E:\ not two folders into the tree. Each series gets put in what I consider a correct place, it created a folder under SABdownloads, for the series name, and under that a Season # folder and the video’s are put in the season folders. I am obviously not understanding what I am doing incorrectly. Can someone clue me in? Thanks, Bill

PS. I have read the other threads on this topic and could not find any answers that lit the bulb for me…

What part of the section on the wiki that the blue book link for the healthcheck was confusing?

Root Folders are specifically called out in the Sonarr UI. E:\ is not a root folder unless you set it as one.

@Bakerboy I reread that Wiki. It’s about as clear as the big muddy. Maybe it could include information on what goes into the root folder vs the download folder. My assumption is the download app (SAB) puts files into the download folder specified, and we watch them from there currently. If I follow the example and make the root a parallel folder to E:\SABdownloads, example E:\SonarrMedia What goes in there? Does sonarr move the downloaded files to SonarrMedia or do they stay in the download folder? I am trying to maintain the system that’s been working for years, and not break it due to not completely understanding what will happen if I change the “root” folder to something else. Now that I am back where the downloader & Sonarr reside, I created a that new folder above and changed the root folder in Sonarr to that and deleted that other folders pointer in sonarr. Thanks, Bill

I’m not sure where the mud is?

In other words, the folder your download client downloads into or moves completed downloads to, should not be the same folder you have configured as your root/library/final media destination folder in the *arr application.
Configured Root Folders (aka Library folders) can be found in Settings -> Media Management -> Root Folders

Downloads should go to a separate folder that is not your library and your library/root folder is the final destination sonarr imports your files into. Also covered on the FAQ, the download section of settings, and the quick start guide.

Happy to take some wording suggestions

Adding what you said might be a bit more helpful. The downloads folder is where the download client puts the completed downloaded file. The Root Folder is where Sonarr moves that file to be viewed by your viewing application.

That said, it doesn’t seem like the second statement is correct. I created a new root folder, removed the original from the sonarr app root and restarted sonarr. Then downloaded three new files. Those files are still in the downloads folder SABdownloads, and nothing is in the new SABmedia root folder. I guess I really don’t understand what that root folder is used for. Sounded like your comment said sonarr moved it to that “root/library/final media” but I don’t see that happening. Are they supposed to stay in the folder the downloader put them? Is it some batch file that runs later to move them to the root folder? -Bill

The root folder in sonarr is the same as your library folder.

Sounds like it’d be prudent for you to review the wiki for how sonarr works

For troubleshooting why they are not importing it is highly likely permission; see the download troubleshooting article on the wiki

It would be helpful to me if you gave examples using Trash’s guides and Trash’s folder structure. I use Trash’s folder structure, where I hope things from sonarr end up in data/media/tv/
I am not sure, but I think sabnzbd sends downloads to data/usenet/incomplete, then sabnzbd moves it to data/usenet/completed, then sonarr moves it to data/media/tv.

Then, would the root be “data/” or would it be “data/usenet” or “data/media/”?

your Root Folder is what you configure in Sonarr. It has nothing to do with / or data/

The root folder is a place to either place new imported downloads into this folder or to allow Sonarr to scan existing media. aka library folder

which would be /data/media/tv/

Thanks for reply. I will use /data/media/tv/ as the Sonarr root folder. Sorry I don’t understand it better, so I go by rote, like trash’s guide and your reply.

I did configure Sonarr root folder as /data/media/tv (could not get a forward slash at the end though). And it caused the warning: Download client SABnzbd places downloads in the root folder /data/media/tv. You should not download to a root folder.

In Sabnzbd I have these settings:

go to settings > media management, bottom of that page, what do you have set as root folders?

check that you have not configured any category settings in sab to move the files elsewhere (or if you have its not under a sonarr root folder)

also in sab, that you have no sorting enabled for tv, movie or date for the category you set in sonarr

[quote=“rhom, post:11, topic:28800”]
go to settings > media management, bottom of that page, what do you have set as root folders?
[/quote] Answer: /data/media/tv

In Sab, under sorting, I have nothing checked and everything blank.

In Sab, under folders, I have as shown in screen shot in above post. which is:

In Sab, under Categories, I have:

So, in Sonarr, under Media Mgmt, should i put this for root folder: /data/media ?

this is why sonarr is complaining.

sab should not be putting completed files under a sonarr root path (which /data/media/tv is), it should leave them in a folder that is under the download path instead.

change the path for the tv category from /data/media/tv to just tv - sab will then put completed files in /data/usenet/completed/tv and sonarr will pick them up from there and move them to their final path

you should probably fix the movies category so that radarr (if youre using that) doesnt have the same issue

no, it would most likely be /data/media/tv as you would most likely want all your series to be under that path?

Thanks very much for your time to reply. I am not sure if your suggestions apply to me, using Unraid, and trying to follow Trash’s Guide.
Unraid - TRaSH Guides ( He uses this structure:
├── torrents
│ ├── movies
│ ├── music
│ └── tv
├── usenet
│ ├── movies
│ ├── music
│ └── tv
└── media
├── movies
├── music
└── tv
I think the intent is that the “media” folder is where everything ends up (gets moved to) after it is completed and checked. And the “media” folder is what my media player (Emby) sees. I just follow it by rote, since I am not sure how it all is supposed to work. My guess is that the folders for “torrent” and “usenet” are temporary storage locations (similar to the “incomplete” and “completed” folders, which are not shown, but I think would be, for example under data/usenet/movies ) As I write this, I feel confused.

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You’re on the money for understanding actually!

Though torrents “temporarily” includes seeding after download as well :wink:

it does apply due to you as you have sab configured to move completed files into a sonarr root folder

the trash guide doesnt go into the category config for sab but thats where this issue is coming from. you have it set to move completed downloads to a sonarr root folder, which is why sonarr is complaining.

sonarr will move the files to their correct location so theres no reason for sab to try and do that as well which is why you have sab just put any completed jobs for sonarr under your download path.

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There’s a guide for that

Holy Cow, the lightbulb just lit! Just set SAB to download to any folder other than what is setup in Sonarr. OMG.

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