Downloading a partial season adds all to the download queue, and removing one deletes the entire torrent

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OS: Windows 1
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Chose a TV series from my collection.
Remove two episodes from the poller. So now tracking 8/10, because I have seen them elsewhere and they don’t exist on my system anyways.


Manually added a torrent. chose label ‘sonarr’ and removed the two torrents I don’t want.
When I open the series, it still shows all episodes as downloading.
When I open the Activity>Queue, all episodes are downloading.
If I press ‘X’ on any of the two I don’t want to download in the queue, ALL the downloads disappear and I have to restart the process.

I’ll try to add logs if really needed.

There’s no issue here. Sonarr knows it’s a season pack, so is showing all episodes being downloaded.

It is showing the progress of the torrent as a whole, not each individual file in it (hence why the progress for all of them is equal in Sonarr, but 100% for one in your client).

You also can’t remove individual files in Sonarr, it will just remove the torrent as a whole. Just start the download, deselect the files you don’t want, allow the torrent to finish, and when Sonarr imports them it will only do so for the available files.

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