Downloaded Waiting for import

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So i have started seeing this issue where my system gets the files from NZBGeek downloads them through SABNZBD and places them in the folder \Media\TV Shows. Its not putting them into a season folder or setting the correct naming of the file.
When i look at activity in Sonarr is see the files are waiting to import. It is pointing to the correct file path \Media\TV Shows, but says No files are eligible for import in /media/tv shows/(name for show)
I have checked and the file path on the show is correct in the series screen as well.

Looks like you’re mixing download and sorted media folders and/or letting the download client put files in the media folder (root folder in sonarr). That’s a basic no-no. Sonarr should be the only application moving files from the download folder to the sorted media folder, and both need to be different and not nested in each other.

So i deleted both containers and set them back up and made sure the paths were the same. Seems to be working fine now

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