Downloaded release in wrong language

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: centos (using docker image)
Debug logs: happened a while ago so no logs available. I’ve manually flagged the releases as failed so can’t repeat the error.
Description of issue:

A few episodes of a series I’m downloading have been incorrectly flagged as English language even though they are actually in Dutch. The release has an English title, but the filename includes a .NL. flag, and there is no language flag in the indexer. The release is also stored in the TV/Foreign category so it’s clearly not English.

Original filename:

Sonarr flagged this episode with an English language flag.

I’ve downloaded plenty of shows and expect that the language is sometimes wrong as there’s nothing for Sonarr to go on, but in this case Sonarr should have picked up the language from both the filename and the category. Sonarr has added an English flag to the final file so does think it’s in English. I’ve already manually fixed this for the faulty releases but wondering if there’s a missing logic step in the Sonarr language check that can be fixed? Or can I add an exclusion to search options to skip any releases with .NL. or .DE. or whatever?

Unfortunately I can’t add the log as my kids only just watched the faulty show, but it was pulled a while ago.

Yes. Sonarr Settings | WikiArr