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Hi Everyone,

New poster and new sonarr user so bare with me if some of these questions seem rudimentary.

So I run my personal media stack(plex+sonarr+radarr+usenet) on docker. My friend shares his massive plex library with me.

I came across a web plugin which lets me download original source files directly to my PC.

I was wondering if I could configure my sonarr in such a way that upon receiving a request for a specific show. Instead of going to usenet, it Checks if the content is available on the plex share it will download it from there.

I maintain my stack mainly because of my internet issues.

If someone achieved something similar. I could work from there.

I am quite proficient in shell scripts, if it also helps.

This is not something you can do with Sonarr directly, you may be able to do something outside of Sonarr to check whether there are new series that you could grab from a different location otherwise tell Sonarr to search for that series.