Download articles to NAS or move when complete

Trying to setup with docker and looking at this great guide: Docker Guide | WikiArr

Docker aside I have a question of what is the preferred approach with the file systems when the download clients (Sabnzbd/Sonarr/Radarr) are external to the NAS?

Should the downloads complete to the local drive and then let *arr move the files to the NAS? This would take a hit when moving the files over to the NAS.
Should all the working directories be on the NAS (complete/incomplete/media)? This might bottle neck when unpacking and doing repairs.

The wiki you linked also mentions Trash Guide but it is a bit buried. Be sure you’ve at least taken a look. The wiki can be a bit overwhelming, Trash Guide is good for a step-by-step if you just want to do the setup.

As to preferred approach, I think predominantly it is probably just use NAS for storage. Most setups should be able to download very fast, and you generally want to leave your NAS drives with minimal writes and access. This would also mirror remote setups that use seedboxes and cloud storage. Process everything on one box, then move the finished file to storage.

Thank you! I did catch the sample docker file system layout section but it was light on NAS external to the services. Your answer is what I was leaning towards.

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