Does Sonarr work with latest Mono on late model Synology servers?

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I have finally gotten Sonarr to run on my old DS411 after mono update broke it months prior (changed big “M” to little “m” through putty). However, I need to roll back the mono version and I am no expert with putty, ssh, etc - since I am on mono 5.2 and not 5.08 - and thus sonarr cannot properly connect with my indexer.

I am considering a new synology with new architecture. Is anybody running a 20 or 21 model synology with current Sonarr and Mono without any ‘workarounds’? Proper operation with newznab indexers such as

Avoid aarch64 boxes as mono 5.20 is busted with SSL on them; you need mono 5.8

But any of the normal x64 ones should work fine

Regardless we suggest docker on the NASes due to how slow and overwhelmed the NAS package maintainers are

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Thanks. I will have to review the architectures (considering I am running a 10 year old box Synology DS411 88f6282 - armv5).

I assume docker runs fine on any of the modern x64 boxes? Seems like all of the 19, 20, 21 synologies are x64 of some variety.

Most but not all.

But yeah as far as I I know any of the x64 should be fine;

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please check out my post here:
On my DS418 with ARM architecture Sonarr still works fine!
Good luck

yep, defintely get one that can run docker, doesnt even need to be the latest and greatest, just one with a supported cpu.

i’ve got a DS2411+, which is from 2011 but can run docker, so i never have any issues with dsm and well anything any more as its all docker based so they cant screw each other up.

i’ve got sonar, radarr, sabnzbd, transmission, jackett, on mine. you could add any one of the plex/kodi/jellyfin type images if needed.

i dont use that specific nzb indexer, but the one i do use sonarr has no issues with, so unless its doing something incredibly non standard it should be ok.