Docker install: what folders can you see? System folders?

Actually this isn’t directly related to Sonarr, but I got no love on the Docker forums and I feel like this community is better suited anyway.

In Sonarr (or Radarr or Sab or any docker media app I have installed on my server), when I have a dialog box for selecting a folder (for example, add a new series and specify its folder) I would expect that I should only see the folders I’ve defined as volumes when running the container. For example, /Downloads or /Media or whatever. And I do see those… but mixed in with a whole bunch of other folders too, such as:

(and about 15 more)

Now, most of these ARE my root level folders. But some aren’t (app, defaults for example).

Is this normal? Is this what you guys are seeing if you navigate up to the highest path available to your instance?

I swear this wasn’t the case previously but maybe I’m wrong. I only noticed it when I tried reinstalling everything using docker-compose and I spent 8 hours trying to troubleshoot it before I finally figured that maybe its normal?

FYI all the unexpected folders show as empty and Sonarr won’t actually let me select them (no error, just nothing happens). The “real” defined volumes work fine.

Yes it’s normal.

Probably because the user running Sonarr doesn’t have permissions to view the subfolders in those folders.

Well sheeiiiiit… that means I spent all day yesterday trying to solve a non-problem.

Thanks for your response. I’m going to investigate the permissions and see if I can’t hide all those from the Sonarr user altogether. Not sure if that’s possible, but I’ve come this far lol and now it is annoying me.

Oh, and any idea where “App” and the other non-root folders are pulling from? I did a find on my system for a folder called “app” and there are several inside /var/lib/docker/overlay2 subfolders. Googling overlay2 I see a lot of people complaining that it takes up space, but I don’t understand why all my containers have access to these folders (and showing as inside / no less)

Pretty sure you’d need to build a custom container and who knows what that’ll break. Just ignore them, you’re more likely to break something mucking around to solve a nonexistent problem.

They’re part of the container.

app sounds like a pretty generic name, I highly doubt it has anything to whatever overlay2 is.

You’re probably right that I should leave it well enough alone :slight_smile:

100% of the folders not in my root… are found inside the overlay2 directory. Some exclusively, so I don’t think I’m barking up the wrong tree on that one. This can remain a mystery though. Thanks for confirming all is normal.

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