Docker Desktop (Docker for Windows) Sonarr in Windows container

Don’t know if I should be asking this here or in a Dockers Desktop forum but;

I’m reasonably new to Docker.

Why isn’t running a windows container of Sonarr on a windows host (that now runs docker ‘natively’) better than running a Linux container? No need for mono or path mappings… and you are running in an environment that is ‘approved’ for production as opposed to Linux containers.

There’s something obvious that I’m missing or the community would have jumped about 6 months ago on this like a Rat on a bit of stinky cheese but I’d love to know what it is…

the money you have to pay for a windows licence for each vm (and the host)? the amount of money youll pay to keep a windows desktop/server running 24/7 (they use a lot when you have them on all the time)

most people who use sonarr have a NAS of some sort to store all the files on - so why wouldnt they leverage that and run dockered sonarr there? no OS fees (linux based), low power usage, and you can spin up as many linux based containers as you have the resources for without any licence fees.

it comes down to a personal choice in the end though, just pick whichever one you have the hardware for and prefer to use

I might be wrong, but I don’t think you pay for container licencing.

" Like the server version, your Windows 10 licence allows you to run any number of Windows Docker containers."

So I’m back to if you are running a windows host (for whatever reason) why wouldn’t you want to use a windows container for any application that uses mono.

I do understand there is a hue user base using NAS’s of various descriptions, but head over to the drive-pool or flexraid communities and you will find a big community JBODing on windows hosts.

I’m specifically after the reasons you might not want to run a windows container on a windows 10/server16 server19 host for Soanarr (and it’s forks).

AFAIHFO Windows containers can be built on windows server core (Costs dependent on your Server license) or nano which is licensed under your host OS.

im trying to work out what youre trying to get at here because as far as i can tell you cant actually run a linux container on a windows docker so your only choice is a windows container?

Absolutely you can. All my containers currently are Linux containers .

In docker desktop (aka Docker fir Windows) you now (for the last six months at least) now nativity run Linux or windows containers or a combination of both. (Kitematic can only manage one kind at a time).

And the answer is - You don’t want to run sonarr in any kind of container on a windows host.