Disable the calendar in Sonarr?

As the title suggests, I’d like to disable the calendar feature in Sonarr and Radarr but I cannot for the life of me figure out how. I searched online and couldn’t find an answer either, so here I am. So I had that brand new show that just came out being monitored in Sonarr. I was expecting it to download the season as soon as it was available through the trackers. But when I looked around, I found that it had scheduled its downloads for this upcoming Wednesday… Why?? If I’m monitoring a show for episodes, you’d think it’d download them right away seeing as I’ve been waiting for it? So I’m just wondering if there’s an option to disable the calendar altogether, or how I can work around this problem for my case. Thanks. -Also just checked Ombi, when requesting a show or movie it does not give you an option to schedule it on the calendar, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

The calendar is not Sonarr/Radarr scheduling when to download something, it’s when TVDB/TMDB says an episode/film will be first publicly available. If this isn’t correct, then unless there’s an issue with your system, the issue is most likely with TVDB/TMDB.

To change how early Radarr will accept a release (this is to prevent fakes or trailers):

Radarr > Settings > Indexers > Availability Delay > set to something like -28 > click Save Changes

Sonarr doesn’t have a setting like this; to my knowledge it will just download releases whenever they appear.

What is the series? When did you start monitoring it in Sonarr? When were downloads first available for your indexers?

Please also provide the information requested in the template you deleted.

THIS makes a lot of sense! I’ll check out that setting when it’ll accept a release, that could very well be it. The series is Fallout (wasn’t sure if mentioning by name is allowed), I had started monitoring it like two weeks ago, and it came out a few days ago I think, can’t entirely remember. Couldn’t even tell you when the downloads were first available, I just had a massive list to choose from when I eventually went in and looked. I deleted the template cause I’m posting from my phone, away from my server, so idk how to get all that information.