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Is there a setting somewhere to prevent Sonarr from importing files that are ABOVE the cutoff? I have the profile set with a cutoff at 1080 BluRay but its importing 2160HDR files and replacing good files with ones I cannot use.


No, cutoff only controls Sonarr’s ability to grab releases automatically, you’d need to make sure Sonarr doesn’t see those files (a different category in your download client for example).


If you don’t want 2160 content, simply uncheck it from the quality profile associated with that content. Sonarr will always prefer to download the highest quality listed in the profile, unless already existing content is at or above the cutoff level. It’s a pretty flexible system that gives you a huge range of choice.

Am I missing something?


Just to clarify my understanding, if there are both qualities available during the search, i.e. the cutoff quality and the highest quality in the profile, it will grab the highest quality instead of the cutoff quality?


Yes, given multiple choice, sonarr will always go for the highest enabled quality in your profile.



This is a little unrelated but what will happen if the downloaded quality for an episode is disabled/removed from the profile? Will Sonarr remove the episode and try to download one of the enabled qualities in the profile?


If it’s higher than the quality you have on disk (or you don’t have that file already) Sonarr will import it, otherwise it will ignore it.


What you are missing is Sonarr is importing files it did not grab. In this case 4k files that I downloaded independently it proceeded to import and replace my 1080p files even though 4k resolutions are disabled in the profile. It simply saw my download client downloading them and proceeded to import them. Sonarr should not auto import files it did not grab in the first place if they do not meet the criteria, but it does.


No, it goes for the highest quality. Asked for or not and that is the problem. I will have to work around this anomaly.


Easiest workaround: assign a different category in your download client for things you added manually, vs. the category you use for sonarr-managed downloads. That way sonarr won’t even see them, so it won’t try to process them.

I can’t comment on your issue, I’d have to try that and see what happens. I’m also not sure on the sonarr logic that would apply to those downloads.


Anything in Sonarr’s category is fair game (you’re telling Sonarr watch this category, it doesn’t care if it grabbed it or not), on the flip side people manually grab things and want Sonarr to automatically import them, so it does.

As already said, use a different category, keep Sonarr’s category for things you want Sonarr to process.


Newsbin does not support categories. I will work around this anomaly. It is strange that I do not have the same problem with Radarr. I run two instances of it, one for HD and one for 4k. It ignores manual downloads. I have to manually import items it does not grab.

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