Disable disk monitoring

I’m running the Sonarr Nightly and would like to disable disk monitoring. I’ve disabled “Completed Download Handling” cause I prefer EVERYTHING that I or a program downloads to go to one central folder and sort it myself. With “completed Download Handling” disabled there is no reason that I can see for disk monitoring to be enabled, which just puts unnecessary wear and tear on the drives So my question is is the a way to disable disk monitoring? Thanks

nope. its set for a 12 hour cycle. no current ability to disable it, or adjust how often, or when it happens. wish there was though.

when download completion handling is turned off it should turnoff disk monitoring.

Sonarr doesn’t have a nightly. Use the provided template next time.

No, that’s the opposite of what you want in most cases. If Soanrr isn’t importing files it needs to know when they are imported, thus it needs to scan.

Sure there is.


It’s tied to metadata refreshing, that’s never going to happen on a set schedule, that’s how you take down metadata servers by having thousands of clients doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. There is also no plan to refresh at a different interval.

Rather I call it Nightly or Sonarr-Phantom really doesn’t matter, we both know which version is being referred to. Second I wasn’t putting in a bug report so no point in filling out the form.

Now that said since the disk monitoring is only every 12 hours I can live with that. Would I be correct in assuming that only the disk with the Root Folder is polled?

Is there a way to have Sonarr only grab one file and not look for a higher quality file? Right now I have 4 for one show’s latest episode sitting in Deluge, each just slightly larger than the previous. I really didn’t look at the file names but I’m assuming each by the file name is better quality than the previous 1.


The later 3 episodes were actually episodes 2, 3, and 4. I didn’t notice cause only episode 1 was suppose to drop.

You’re asking a question, and the version matters, even when you think it doesn’t. We don’t call it nightly, we need specifics.

Any drive with a series folder on it (that’s added to Sonarr). Whatever drive Sonarr’s app data folder is on isn’t going to spin down either, things being written to the DB, logs, etc.

That’s what the cutoff in a quality profile is for, but based on your edit this isn’t even an issue.

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