Direct Downloads, Completed Download Handling or whatever : a Python Script for Download Station :D

**Sonarr version :
**Mono version : 4.6.2
OS: DSM 6.1 (Synology)

Hi guys.

As you all know. Sonarr is first designed for NZB and Torrent users. But, as you may know, there is a small part of the population that uses Direct Downloads.
For that, I only can talk about me and couple of friends.
We are all on a DS214Play (but that doesn’t change anything) and we are using Download Station or JDownloader 2 as download clients.
The fact is that, when we download files, we can’t set categories/tags on them. Consequences are that there is no communication between Sonarr and the download client, meaning no download tracking (well, on Sonarr) and no Complete Download Handling process.
Of course, Sonarr is the full automatic process chain, but, we want to use it as semi-automatic. (By feeding him manually, yeah guys, it’s less expansive)

You are going to remove the Drone Factory folder, which is currently our only solution to keep a track on our TV Shows and let Sonarr sorting them. (We can still keep tracking without the Drone Factory, but Sonarr is sorting them so well…)
We respect your system as Complete Download Handling and your wish to remove the drone factory but unfortunately, I tried, and we can’t use it (no communication, and above all, we can’t know at t instant if a file is TV, Movie or Music).
Currently, we only set up the Drone Factory Folder but without automatic scan every X minutes (settings at 0) (This can breaks archives, copying files, etc, etc).
I make a python script, that check complete download from Download Station or JDownloader and ask Sonarr to scan a the Drone Factory Folder when a file is ready to be processed. If it is a TV show file, Sonarr grabs it, it then asks FileBot to sort Movies from the remaining files. (doesn’t matter)
Anyway, this works well.

As we still want to be a part of your sheep.
My wish is then, can you just let the opportunity in your future version for us to ask Sonarr to scan a specific folder, at least on script only ? There still should be an option to ask Sonarr to do it, and not letting Sonarr doing it every x times.
We know there is manually import, but it’s… manual.

Please let the Direct Download joins your world.
Thanks in advance,

The “DownloadedEpisodesScan” Command api call should satisfy your needs.

Yeah, but few questions stay.

My direct downloads aren’t in separated folders but I can create subfolders for each file with the same name, easy thing.

As I can’t know if a downloaded file is a TV show episode or a Movie, can I still ask Sonarr to scan all finished downloads folders even if it is a Movie in there ?
Will Sonarr let the movie file in place for another scan software after ?

Thx for your answer. Didn’t know the path argument for the Downloaded Episode Scan command.


IANAD (I am not a dev) but to the best of my knowledge sonarr will be unable to parse the file and let it sit there. This also happens in a “normal” (usenet/torrent) workflow if the file is unrecognizable. In that case you’ll get a warning in the Activity tab and possibly can do something about it (e.g. a manual import and tell sonarr which show/episode it is, in case it can’t understand the filename).

You’ll get a lot of “noise” in the logs about files it can’t parse, but nothing to be concerned about.
If there is any way to separate “tv only” downloads into another path I’d do that. It’s been too long since I’ve used JDownloader, not sure if it has plugins or the ability to define categories and tie a specific path to them?

Will try.

Of course, it’s possible ( I am a Download Station user), but it takes lot more steps to add a download.

Actually, I grab a link on websites, it is automatically sent and transformed into premium link inside Download Station (Download Station supports premium links generators, ~15€ every 6 month) and downloaded at max connection speed. (It is also valid for JDownloader)
As it is manually, it’s sometimes long to do your shopping, so if for each link, you have to set the directory in function of type of file your are downloading, it’s much more longer and less user-friendly.

Unfortunately Sonarr doesn’t work properly with Download Station – its clearly a bug the devs don’t care about.

The only TV Shows that auto-Import are the ones that Sonarr sends to Download Station. All others ever import.

So, I just set Drone Factory to run, hoping this fixes the problem.

Hey guys.

Well, I’ve work on the subject since I created the conversation.

Here a LINK to GitHub, where I put a python script to handle downloads from Sonarr.
After few versions and a lot of hours of work, its works well.

If you need, enjoy.

(And, of course, exit the drone factory, so it will support V3)


PS :
I allowed myself to change the title and the place of the discussion to Third Party Addons.

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