Differences in supported languages across the *arrs

Not quite a feature request, more a question with possible action being taken depending on the answer.

I noticed there are differences in the supported languages across the *arrs:

  • Lidarr and Readarr are the same
  • Radarr adds Persian, Bengali and Latvian to those
  • Sonarr instead adds Malayalam and Spanish (Latino), but is missing Romanian (and also the Any option)

Is there a reason for these differences, or is it just a case of changes being made in one place but not being noticed upstream/downstream?

It comes down to what people have requested and what has been added.

Any is not a language and shouldn’t exist in Radarr, it’s a relic of a past implementation.

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Thanks. I only noticed this because I was working on a Jackett PR for a Romanian indexer and got curious.

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