Did something change in January with renaming?

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Shows with a colon in the name adding a space before the dash on current seasons

Folder names on disk will have the extra space when created by Sonarr, but that’s not related to scene naming.

Do you have a more specific example showing what you think has changed?

I originally put it in the “additional information” block, but I had to edit the original to see it. Copying from there to add it back here below. I had cited one of the examples. I knew a lot of requests had asked for the space before the dash to be incorporated, but I assumed if it was implemented some sort of check would maintain the existing naming based on Series rather than create a mix.

Additional Information:
Based on a little digging, I am guessing I ran an upgrade of Sonarr on January 13, but did not recognize how an included change might have impacted directory naming and scripts with variable assumptions.

A Series containing a colon in the name is now adding a space before the dash when replacing the colon. This is causing a duplicate Season directory to be created for the current Season. The episodes up to mid-January are in one folder, and those following are in the other with the files named to match the new Season format.

For example NCIS: Los Angeles has historically been /path/NCIS- Los Angeles/NCIS- Los Angeles Season 13/NCIS- Los Angeles.SxxExx.title.ext. Now under the same Series folder, a new Season 13 folder is created with /path/NCIS- Los Angeles/NCIS - Los Angeles Season 13/NCIS - Los Angeles.SxxExx.title.ext.

I have scripts that do not account for the Season folder being different than the Series, or having a Season folder and subsequent files that are different by more than just the number of the Season. Since I am OCD about the consistency of my naming as it impacts those scripts, I wanted to verify what happened is by design before I rename to standardize at least the three Series currently impacted and do an update to the db so those all match. I also wanted to verify if it would be best to leave the Series name the same based on where this information is being retrieved.

I did not add any logs since there are no errors except to my scripts. It appears Sonarr is working properly, if differently now as relates to scene naming, so this is an informational request for me to understand how to adjust my support processes.

As always Sonarr, Radarr and my newest endeavor Readarr are all awesome, so thanks to all who contribute to the development of these tools.

I’m not sure which version of Sonarr you were using before that upgrade, but the change to rename a colon followed by a space to space dash space is from from a now more than 3 year old commit:

We do not have plans to revert or change this behaviour.

To be clear, scene naming is related to release names, not naming of files within the series folder, interchanging these is going to make things confusing.

This is a Linux machine and I have the repo configured. It usually updates with the apt update and upgrade, but the logs do not go back far enough for me to confirm the version I was on prior to the Jan update. I do not believe it has been without an update since '19.

I searched the forums and did not see anything like this having been a problem in the past. Even after the '19 commit, would it be normal to create a new Season folder mid season and start naming the files to match the new Season folder regardless of the Series name? The Series existed prior to the '19 commit and is still current. I have two others Series that did the same thing. If so, it looks like I will have to rename all current Series that still have the previous naming nomenclature without the space before the dash to avoid this issue. Non-current Series named the old way should be ok unless they are monitored and see a profile upgrade. I am assuming these will create a new Season folder as well for the episode upgrade.