Dexter... Season 9 or New Blood?

So… On BTN tracker the episode that came out on November 7th is listed as part of the original series, as S09E01.

And this is how Sonarr retrieved it for me. I now see that both TheTVDB and TheMovieDB list that episode as part of a new miniseries Dexter New Blood, so Kodi scraping it as Season 9 of Dexter is basically impossible.

Any way for me to automate this? If I add Dexter New Blood as a series, no episodes are found (on BTN it’s season 9 of Dexter).

Edit: diseregard initial reply

seems TVDB changed their minds. And now dexter new blood is it’s own series

This just needs a scene mapping request for sonarr

fwiw plex handles it fine; note the file name

The TVDB needs to go FLOCK themselves cause they screw up SOOOOO damn much. Dexter season 9 is what it is and Sonarr will pick it up just fine as that. I know cause I don’t have Dexter New Blood added to Sonarr but Sonarr grabbed Dexter S09E01 without issue. New Blood is just the season name.

it seems like it’ll be here to stay as a new series - S09 is already gone. it’ll disappear on the next refresh.

Yeah, trackers changed it too. It sufficed to rename folder and first episode and re-add as new series.
This is basically solved.

Yea real fun with this one. First new series then until after the first episode season 9 of the original series then back to being a new series.

I even saw it briefly as a new series but starting at season 9.

It’s been a new series now for a bit over a week

OMFGawd really. Once again it started out as Dexter: New Blood, then the MORONS at Showtime decided it would be season 9 of the original Dexter series, then as bakerboy448 said above “for a bit over a week” the MORONS at Showtime reversed course and decided it would be a new series Dexter: New Blood after all.

Not showtime, not sure why you think it is.

It’s TVDB that you should be bitching about

TVDB goes by the information they have. So yes Showtime kept changing THEIR minds.

No - TVDB is community contributed and erroneously - and against their own rules - had it as S9. There is literally nothing connecting Showtime to TVDB - so not sure what you’re talking about.

TVDB’s information they “have” is user contributed - its not linked to anything, so how is it showtime’s fault for TVDB breaking their own rules and treating a new, unique series as a season?

I don’t believe showtime ever classified as as a new season nor can I find any reference as such.