Developing an alternative to Jackett, Cardigann

I’m working on a Torznab / TorrentPotato compatible proxy for public and private torrent trackers. It’s called Cardigann, and is basically from an end-user perspective a very similar app to Jackett.

The key differences are that it’s available as a standalone binary for all platforms and supports definitions written in a YAML format, so will be more accessible for development by non developers. It should appeal to hosted seedbox vendors much more readily too.

I’d love some feedback on whether this interests people, and if anyone is interested in trialing it.


Looks very promising,
but lacking some functionality I like within Jacket

number of peers/seeders, download the torrent,

First of all thanks for your contribution. I am just testing it, took me a while to figure out to download the definitions.
I see that you don’t have any builds for ARM. Will you post some building instructions?

BTW can’t you use the jackett templates for all the current supported sites by Jackett? or you definetly need access to the trackers?

I’d test when it’s ready

I would consider adding those, do you mean the manual query button?

Building for ARM should work, which particular variety? If you have Golang 1.6+ installed, you can checkout the cardigann repo and run:

GOARCH=arm GOOS=linux go build -o cardigann *.go

I’ll look at adding the popular ARM versions to the releases Can track progress here

In terms of using Jackett trackers, no I’ve gone a very different way to how they represent trackers. They aren’t templates, they are code.

There is an specific error must be arch specific. It is for a rpi, i tried in the rpi itself using golang 1.6 and in a x86 golang docker env.

vendor/ cannot use buf.Sysname (type [65]uint8) as type [65]int8 in argument to charsToString
vendor/ cannot use buf.Release (type [65]uint8) as type [65]int8 in argument to charsToString

I’ve attempted to try comparing it with freshon.yml (which I have access) but is a little bit beyond me. The login works so far.
This is the screenshot of the inspector in chrome in the browse table

I checked yesterday and on the only trackers I have invites is torrentleech and alpharatio. Send me a PM with contact details if you’re interested. The only invite I had with went with the original jackett developer

I’ll PM you.

actually, now I understand that Cardigann logs into the tracker and scrapes the info in some sort of way there is no need for caching or manual download, the data is found from the tracker itself and not from its own cached info.

Many rely on the rss feed, caching that and keep it for further use. So actually I like this :wink:

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thank you for this and for catering to both the private and public crowd, much nicer than Jackett in my opinion

I set up Sonarr only a couple of days ago, so far so good with a couple of exceptions.
Cardigann resolved one of those exceptions :slight_smile:

I’d used Jackett but it was dropping results for my preferred tracker that were x265/HEVC - I could probably have fixed it I guess, but tried Cardigann and it picked them up first go. So all good!

The only thing I had trouble with was working out the ‘cookie’ format required for the tracker entry, as no hints came up about it. Had to do some digging to find a thread somewhere else indicating the format.


Mind sharing that thread link with us? I’m having the same problem.Thanks!

Wish I could! I’m still looking for the link, but can’t seem to find it.
The following page looks similar, and if it wasn’t that one I have a hunch it was another page talking about sickrage:
h ttps://

What I took from that, though it wasn’t the same tracker, was to try uid=######;pass=ABCDEFABCDEF; into the cookie field for the tracker I was trying to add. And it worked. Of course after that I noticed a near similar instruction on the Sonarr page here under bitmetv and the instructions to find cookies here

Happy to help if you want

Hi lxt2, I currently use Jackett-public and was looking for a replacement indexer since it was failing to retrieve RSS results on Sonarr, when I came upon this thread.

I’ve had a read up on the instructions on github and couldn’t figure out how to install this correctly. I’m not a programmer so I’m not sure if I’m just an idiot or this is more for those that understand the code, but would it be possible to be run through what I need to do to get this service installed? Jackett was simple to get up and running but I feel like I’m missing some integral third party software to run something necessary here.

Sorry for my lack of understanding, hope you can help me out :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m having issues using torrent411 tracker. When I “test” it, it outputs an error “No input found with name ‘login’.” or “No input found with name ‘password’.”

Otherwise works very well on other trackers, just this one i’m having issue with.

Any one got a package for synology?


I’m also interested by an ARM v7 version for my nas synology ds414