Determine Quality Not Working (Github #448)


Sonarr version (exact version):
**Mono version:
OS: Synology DSM 6.2
Debug logs: Wasn’t on, will enable.
Description of issue: Per my reply in GitHub and the request to post here…

I just switched to Sonarr and have a large existing library. I added a series, it scanned the existing library, and set the resolution of every episode to 720p.

I was under the impression that it would at least update to the correct resolution using Media info?

I have since written a script to re-name my media with the proper resolution because I see wisdom in that approach, but wanted to follow up here.

I also have a before and after image of the above to at least show the change with the renaming and that, at first import, it didn’t appear to work for me.


Did you add the series after updating to Sonarr 5228 or before? Coz it only determines the quality once during import. It should use mediainfo in those cases.

Seeing Trace level log files of Sonarr importing an existing Series should provide us with more information.
Those logs would confirm wheter it managed to get mediainfo for those files. Also check Settings->Media Management->Analyse video files, it’s an advanced setting and on by default, which is needed for this logic to run.

I’m not sure if dsm 6.2 ships with a good version of libmediainfo, but the same logs will show whether it’s getting something, the keyword is “VideoFileInfoReader”.



That is a really good question. I’m not sure if I added the package and then that series, THEN updated. I’m not sure what the package in the synocommunity version is. Unfortunately, by script has re-tagged everything with resolution in the file name so it is hard for me to test.

The logs has rolled since, but VideoFileInfoReader is in the current set with a warning that it couldn’t read info for a file. I’m going to assume it’s there if it is producing messages.

Finally, yes, I do have Analyse video files to Yes.


If you added the series directly after installing the package then it was likely an older version, coz the auto-updater check like every 6 h and wouldn’t have been able to update yet. The package ships with almost a year old version iirc
It’d still be possible to test if you copy one of those files to a temporary folder somewhere, rename the copy back to the original name without resolution. Then use Wanted->Manual Import to have it scan that temp dir. Don’t actually import it, but it should be able to parse the info correctly and have the right quality selected.

Can you provide me with the log entries of that warning and test the file manually using the mediainfo cmdline tool (if it’s present on your system)? mediainfo --version will also tell what version of mediainfo we’re talking about.


Alright, I’m getting closer. Unless media info is rolled into the Synology Sonarr package, then it needs to be installed separately. There is a SynoCommunity for it, once installed, that version is:

MediaInfo Command line,
MediaInfoLib - v17.12

So, I’ll try again. The question is if Sonarr will see it in the @appstore default install location.

As an aside, if it is not included, perhaps the devs could make it a requirement and use it as part of the Synology package. I’ve installed other Synology apps that install the needed dependencies.


If no mediainfo library is available at all then Sonarr normally produces a health check warning in System.


Okay, I definitely wasn’t seeing that at all. Some further digging seems to indicate that media info is, indeed, embedded with the Synology Sonarr package:

/volume1/@appstore/nzbdrone/bin$ ./mediainfo --version
MediaInfo Command line,
MediaInfoLib - v17.12

Testing the file via the command line using the above version gives me all of the info I’d expect to see with mediainfo results. It’s working.

Next, I’ll add a series when I get home (doing this with an ssh session from work, heh) and see if it does parse the series now that I’m on the current version.


Looks like they’re on 0.7.93 for the synocommunity one, that’s the early 2017 release, not extremely old. It should be able to handle most files just fine.

We’ll see how it goes when you get home.


That was it, I must have imported a couple of series before it updated to the latest release. My latest test series without any “hints” in the file names for Sonar to use, picked up the correct resolutions.

Thanks again!


That’s good to hear, although that probably means that synocommunity should update their package to a more recent version or something else so that’s it apparent to the user that an update is still needed.


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