Deluge failed to add torrent

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i can see a topic on it, but no solution

i have started to see a few torrents (automatically fetched) - only seen on my anime tracker

is it possibleto get a check if the torrent already exists? - if it gives the deluge failed to add torrent.

20-5-25 08:42:50.0|Debug|Deluge|Downloading torrent for episode ‘[HorribleSubs] Gleipnir - 08 [1080p].mkv’ finished (26794 bytes from
20-5-25 08:42:50.0|Fatal|SonarrErrorPipeline|Request Failed. POST /api/v3/release

[v3.0.3.825] NzbDrone.Core.Download.Clients.DownloadClientException: Deluge failed to add torrent [HorribleSubs] Gleipnir - 08 [1080p].mkv.torrent

In deluge if i manually remove the torrent(and keep data) then it works fine when it auto adds again.

Sonarr already does that (somewhat), if it’s in the category assigned to Sonarr and Sonarr doesn’t think the release it’s processing is an upgrade to that item it wouldn’t try to send it. If Sonarr can’t see the torrent then it will try to send it to the client though.