Deletion of files before transfer

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Er, not sure what exactly is wanted here as below it says to include the log file? The error line I keep getting is “Error | DownloadedEpisodesImportService | Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr” then lists the file name and to check if it has permission.

So, hi all again, I’m running into an issue where occasional files downloaded using SABnzbd will just disappear and I’m trying to get to the cause of it. It doesn’t happen with every file, and it ll throw the error above, but I’m confused as it’s quite happily transferred other files to the same folder both before and after the file. Sonarr will say the file still exists on my system and that it’s just failing to import, but it never is, it’s always just gone. Sab will still have the file in its download history too, when it’ll usually disappear after Sonarr does it thing. I legitimately can’t figure this out, nor can anyone else I know. I can’t replicate it either to se what’s the cause, it’ll do it to files that fit within all my parameters (quality etc), then have no problems doing all the right steps with a file you’ve grabbed that very much do not my parameters.

Any and all help is super appreciated.

What was confusing about the instructions to include logs of the issue?

Below it says to post the log file rather than the log test, but in the bit at the top, it says to include the debug log. Which now I think could be different to the actual log (I’m not an idiot with computers, did a couple of units of programming at uni, but sonarr is new to me), but it was still confusing as the two instructions seemed to contradict themselves.

See the instructions linked in the template - Sonarr Troubleshooting | Servarr Wiki

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