Deleted shows being re-queued in Activity

Sonarr version:
OS: Linuxserver docker image on unRAID
Description of issue: When a show has ended, and Sonarr has grabbed everything I want, I will remove it from Sonarr. The files are still being seeded by Deluge and still on my Plex too. The issue is that after a few days, I don’t know the exact time, any of the files that are still present in Deluge will appear in my Activity queue within Sonarr. They all have an error of “Series title mismatch; automatic import is not possible.” If I re-add the show in a Non-monitoring stage, the shows are processed and pushed to my Plex server again. I have deleted ended shows in the past with no issue so I’m not sure what or when something changed. Radarr has the same issue but with only 3 movies, vs the 106 queued in Sonarr.

When I try to manually import, the red exclamation mark at the far right shows the release rejection as “Unknown Series.”

It seems that there is a rescan going on and picking up files that are present that Sonarr forgot it already handled, since the show has been deleted. I don’t want to outright remove the file as it will remove it from deluge and stop seeding it. Is this a recent bug?

I may have just found the issue. Is the “Automatic import of completed downloads” my issue?

This was on and I just turned it off. I don’t recall what was default a few months ago. As mentioned before, this hasn’t been an issue in the past. Saving this though causes a System Health warning.


I should also note that any of the deleted shows were “unmonitored” as well.

Not a bug.

Show Unknown (Activity => Options) shows all items in Sonarr’s (and Radarr’s) download client category.

The behavior is expected and recently changed to default to on to reduce support issues caused by unmatched items.

If you don’t want them to show in Sonarr’a category then set a post-import category.

Since you removed the series from Sonarr, then I’m pretty sure the previously seen and imported downloads/history and purged and thus Sonarr no longer remembers it imported those releases already.

There’s also no need nor benefit to removing the series from sonarr.

Disabling Completed Download Handling means Sonarr will never do anything with completed downloads including importing them. The details are explained on the wiki that the healthcheck links to. (Blue book icon)

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