Debrid Manager Intergration


I am currently developing out a small lightweight application which interfaces with sonarr to fetch downloads from the Real Debrid web service.

I am currently building out this project to support many services alike to Real debrid (all debrid etc).

I, and many others have suggested if i could implement a method to see if the needed file is cached on the debrid providers servers (to provide faster download speed then torrent directly)

I am working on this now but am wondering if i could speak to a developer of sonarr? I am using Torrent blackhole as the download client and my system is working well with this.

What i am wondering is if there could be a download manager added which interfaces with my client?
I am wanted to receive from sonarr :

Show Name
Episode name
Episode number etc…
Desired quality

I would then like to use my application to query Jackett/indexer solution to find a “cached” torrent which is available for instant download for the user. (Using my client to interface with the Debrid Providers API’S)

Would this be something that’s possible? I would love to discuss this further.

Kind Regards


Current project :

No plans to support Debrid or additional DL Client protocols