Darkerr - A darker theme for Sonarr & Radarr

Darkerr - A darker theme for Sonarr & Radarr

Hi, I created a darker theme for Sonarr and Radarr.
If you want to try it you can download it from here.
For problems or advice you can contact me on GitHub.


Notes from latest update:
1.0 (17/05/2017) - First release
1.1 (18/05/2017) - Fix series and movies detailed view
1.2 (18/05/2017) - Color adjustment
1.3 (18/05/2017) - Fix “Discover new movies” view on Radarr

I just made an account here so I could tell you how awesome this is. Really appreciate it, good work!

Let me second that…and if you don’t mind a constructive comment, you could make all the white separators a bit of a darker grey to improve readability, the texts would pop a bit more.

A wonderful addition in all respects!!

Thank you.

The advice is always appreciate… but which white separator do you mean?

If you know css you can open a pull request on github with the changes.

Yep…I just so happen to be a developer so I can whip something up.

But in case you’re curious I’m referring to the white borders, I would make them less thick or greyer.

Fantastic! Thanks!

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