Dana White's Contender Series

Why does Sonarr have such a big problem retrieving the Tuesday night contender series? When I add it to series, sonarr wants to call it “Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series”, but it never finds any episodes. When I look on the torrent sites, they have it listed as “UFC Tuesday Night Contender Series”. Why the difference in naming schemes? Is this what is stopping sonarr from finding it?

Sonarr gets its info from thetvdb.com
If the data there, such as the series name, is crap, it’s gonna be crap in sonarr…

That said, you can probably ask for an alias, as explained in the FAQ.

UFC Tuesday Night Contender Series is already an alias for TVDB ID 332127, which looks like the correct series ID for it, make sure that’s the one you have added as it looks like there are dupes that would conflict.

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