Customize the words that determine the language

Note : currently using V3

From what I understood, language is determined by hardcode keywords for each language, then searched exclusively in the file name, and got english as fallback.

PLEASE, please, PLEASE, There’re posts about that from at least 2014. Could you add a setting to be able to customize these keywords per language, or, use something similar to your Release Profiles system but at the language level, or, an option to not use the language system at all (so all has to be set through Release Profiles), or else ?

For many languages (NL, GER, FR at least) it limits a lot search results, or worst, give false-positive, since it’s currently with barely 1 to 3 keywords and not tuned to the last trend keywords used in trackers for each country.

In my case for French, “vostfr” keyword in Sonarr is assimilated as French language, which is tricky since it’s for Original Dub with French Subs.

  • People who want French/French-subbed only, or, over other desired languages > possible but need to add English or Unknow (whatever the other desired language is which is counterintuitive) with additional tags if all possible results are expected. (eg “VF”, “VFF”, “VFQ” which are often a substitute to FR, or French)
  • People who wants Original Dub only and Original Dub with French subs (priorized) > possible but need to add French language above Original Language and blacklist a long list of tag associated to French Dub just to keep “vostfr” for the subs, this may lead to false positive, and bad upgrade.
  • People who wants dual-audio (in french trackers nowadays use “multi” or “VFF VO” or “VO VF”, and others), else French Dub, else Original Dub with French subs, else Original Dub. > not possible. I thought there may be a trick by using “Unknow” above other language, but after few tests it results in too many false positive which may lead to bad file upgrade.

Or in the meantime, you could add an option to remove the priority of a language to another, more like an “Authorized language” instead of a prefered list of languages with ones above others. Or adding an option to authorize upgrades and downgrades without cutoff. That way this priority could be handled by prefered words weight system, where we’ll be able to weight our own language tags.

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