Custom script on docker container

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Ubuntu
Description of issue:

I try to run an simple custom script from Sonnar UI. My script is a bash with CURL command :


 curl -X POST "https://URL/message?token=TOKEN" -F "title=hello!" -F "message=my message ttesttttstest" -F "priority=5"

In the path : /scripts/

My script work nice on local machine, but from Sonarr interface, “test” button return success but i don’t receive notification.

Do you think the problem is my script or from the Docker container ?

Thank you community !

Test doesn’t execute the script in v2, it only check that it exists. In v3 it will execute it when tested.

Hi @markus101, thank for your response.

My version of sonarr is not the latest ?

It may be the latest v2 release, but it is not v3 (which is in beta).

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