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First I want to say thank you for this great software.

Everything works great so far, except one feature which would make everything a lot easier for me.

In first place, I preffer all the Series in my own language (German). No problem with that, I just have to add the series as german. But… I want that the missing episodes which aren’t released in german allready, will be downloaded in english and will be replaced with german, as far they will released.

Right now I using a second setup for this (Sickrage). I add all the Series to Sonarr (for german) and Sickrage (for english) and cofigured the naming on sickrage setup, that all the english episodes which will be fetched by sickrage has SD TV in it’s name, that Sonarr will recognize the english Episodes as SD and will replace them later. Except that i have to manage two kind of software for this, it works more or less ok.

The only problem is, if i use the quality setting 1080p as cutoff, and sonarr fetching a 720p episode (german), sickrage will try to download the 1080p (english) and will replace the german episode again. Because Naming is SD TV again, Sonarr will download the 720p again and this ends up in a loop.

It would be much better, if I would be able to select in Sonarr in quality settings also the language.

1080P BluRay (German)
1080P Web-DL (German)
1080P HDTV (German) - Cutoff Quality
1080P BluRay (English)
1080P Web-DL (English)
1080P HDTV (English)


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