Custom Formats - like Radarr



The new Feature for Language is allready awesome on the v3. But i just found out, that Radarr has now a custom formats function, which gives even a lot more flexibility than “just” a language priority. With just some basic knowledge, users can configure every special case they want with it.
Are there any plans to migrate this great functionality sometimes to Sonarr?


No, we will not be implementing custom formats. Quite frankly it’s too complex for most users and handfuls will turn it on and have issues that we’d inevitably need to address.


Thank you for your fast reply.
Too bad (for me), but i totally understand why you didn’t want to add it when you have to reply to all the users with wrong settings. XD

I am sorry if I disturb you here with more questions, but some parts of the v3 aren’t realy clear for me.

  1. Can the preferred word feature handle basic Regex? Becaus I would like to add DL (Dual Language) as preferred word, but if I would just add “DL”, it would also handle Web-DL Releases preferred.

  2. Are there any possibility to priorize Dual Language releases, in a way that it still searching for such releases when it allready downloaded a single language release? (same as if I would add two languages in a profile and set cutoff to the second language). I understand that I can use the language priority and add the Dual Language tags as preferred word, but as far it downloaded the cutoff language and cutoff quality it wouldn’t search anymore for the preferred word release (as far I understand this)

  1. Yes (same as required/ignored words)
  2. Quality/Language cutoff does not affect preferred words. Something at the cutoff can be upgraded by a release with a better preferred word score.


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