Custom filter for season monitor

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Looking for some help with trying to come up with a custom filter to look for seasons that are unmonitored. I recently found a series that had a missing season as it was marked as unmonitored. This series did not show up in missing episodes, rightfully so, as the season was unmonitored. While I am not sure why that season was unmonitored, nor when it happed (for log review), it could have been my own doing as well. I would like to be able to find other shows to make sure I am not running into the same issue of missing seasons, or even the episiosds are there but the season is marked unmonitored. While I could mark ALL as monitored I do have legit ones I would like ignored. I know with Table View and select series, you can check the monitoring status for each TV show’s season when you mouse hover over it and you can then toggle the season monitoring status. This becomes a huge process when you have large amount to review.

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