Crunchyroll / Funimation Airs date

I have been plagued by this annoying problem for quite some time…
The dates on THETVDB are network TVs (they suck for animes).
Just think of AoT, every Thursday passed from Sunday to Saturday.
There are other series that are even broadcast 1 week before on these platforms respects the TV networks (ex: Koikimo).
It is useless to tell me to go on TheTVDB and change the dates because they are changed by other or blocked. (Small flaw is that it divides the calendar between the Premium Shows and the Free Shows) (the problem is, you can’t see it if you don’t use a VPN for that country.)

There are official calendars for both of them (so you don’t even need to come up with weird stuff or hope other sites like TheTVDB will implement these two as a network).

So I kindly ask if it is possible to add these two as alternatives for dates in the Sonarr calendar.

One solution would be to have you choose for each specific show whether to use the standard Airs Dates (TheTVDB ones) or choose between Crunchyroll / Funimation.
Now I have used these two as an example. which are the biggest and best known among the anime content distributors on the web, there are other distributors like HiDive etc.
If nothing else, if it is not possible to automate the implementation of these calendars, at least the courtesy of being able to manually enter the airs dates of that specific show I am adding.
Thanks in advance.

No it is not possible and not something we have plans to do. I’m not even sure if that could possibly work with alternate episode orders (but instead using different dates).

Too bad… Thanks


What does the alternative ordering of episodes have to do with dates?

Where you’d have a an alternate “order” but it’d just be different dates.

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